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Cannabidiol better known as CBD has gained recognition in recent years for it's wide array of health and wellness benefits.  CBD is a naturally  occurring compound in the  cannabis plant.   The cannabis plant in itself is unique, because it contains various phytocannabinoids that each have  their own therapeutic effects on the body.

How does CBD work?

Since CBD is derived from a different part of the cannabis plant, CBD does NOT have mind altering effects.  Our body is comprised of various systems and has naturally occurring Endocannabinoids.   Our Endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a major role in our immune function, brain function and endocrine function.  It is essentially a bridge between our mind and body.  Day to day life as humans can be stressful; therefore, compromising our  immune response  and overall wellness. It  places us in a state of fight or flight.  The use of CBD helps to bring our bodies back to homeostasis.  A homeostatic environment is ideal for our body to function optimally.  CBD can be ingested or used as a topical. It is safe for children and pets to use.


What are the benefits?



Benefits include, but are not limited


-Management of pain

-Improves sleep


-Improves gut disorders

-Improves Cardiovascular function

-Improves skin disorders

-Improves mood

Extensive research has been done on the therapeutic effects of CBD and the findings are intriguing.  Below is a synopsis of a recent study:

Former Football Player Study - YouTube

Stressors are at an all time high and practicing as well as utilizing tools to cultivate balance in support of our body is vital.   If you are seeking an alternative approach to your wellness journey, CBD is a option.   To learn more about some of the top CBD products in the industry visit:

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