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"Self knowledge is the basis of truth". Ancient Kemetic Proverb


The word Yoni derives from the Sanskrit language and translates to womb, vagina, source of life or sacred space.  Yoni steaming is a ancient and sacred practice of honoring the creative center.  This practice has been done by women for centuries globally.  Most commonly known as vaginal steaming, the practice is also referenced as sacral steaming.  


The practice entails sitting or squatting over a formulated blend of herbs that has been steamed.  The steamed herbs provides warmth and circulation to the entire reproductive anatomy. 


Some benefits include:

*Increase in fertility

*Reverses stagnation

*Strengthens the uterus

*Promotes relaxation

*Dissolves or shrinks uterine masses such as fibroids and overian cysts  

*Regulates/improves moon cycle

*maintains good flora

*Post partum healing

The practice is a ritual, it's a ceremony and a holistic approach for feminine health.  It's an experience that unifies, balances and heals.

If you would like to know more about the ancient practice and how you can add it to your life, book a consultation.

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