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"Your body is the temple of knowledge".
Ancient Kemetic Proverb

Yoga is a powerful and transformative method to restore, build and maintain a sense of well being, peace and optimum physical functionality.  The word "Yoga" from the ancient Sanskit language translates to "Union".  Yoga has been used for thousands of years by ancient sages and others.  Yoga has a plethora of benefits that includes unifying mind, body and spirit.





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The Ancient Egyptian/African practice of Kemetic yoga was re-discovered and developed by Dr. Asar Hapi and Master Yirser Ra Hotep.  At it's core, this form of yoga is less rigorous, yet integrative and meditative  providing wellness and balance on a holistic level.  With  the emphasis on conscious  breathing (Rule of 4 breathing), energy is circulated throughout the body creating favorable conditions for balance.  Kemetic yoga preserves the ancient ways of Kemet (Ancient Egypt), language, as well as reminds us of our power and oneness with the divine.

















*Are you ready to experience transformation in your life?

Divinely Made, LLC offers Individual, group and pop up sessions. Locations vary and are facilitated in nature or in any space that promotes wellness.  Sessions are all levels friendly and inclusive.  

Virtual sessions via Zoom are also an option.


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