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"A couple of years ago I attended a Kemetic yoga class for the first time lead by the gracious instructor Nicole.  I can remember having the feeling of "black and brown joy".  I learned from Nicole that Kemetic yoga is rooted in a  culture in which melanated folks have ties.  Personally I knew that kemetic yoga was the answer to overly colonized yoga studios.  I love the fact that Kemetic yoga has an emphasis on deep breathing, meditation and alignment of the nervous system.  Kemetic yoga celebrates "blackness". I love how Nicole is not only a instructor, but a great conversationalist speaking on self sufficiency and community.  Nicole reminds us of how important it is to seek out spaces that reaffirm our existence.  Nicole is a gift".  

Daphne Zoe Falconer-Davis, Ph.D, Connecticut

"I have been taking various yoga classes for years and have enjoyed it.  After my first Kemetic yoga class with Divinely Made, my love for it was renewed.  Whether in person or virtually, Nicole's kind and gentle nature made it easy for me to connect.  As an instructor myself, it is refreshing to be instructed by someone who is a very knowledgeable practioner and continues to learn to be able to provide what is best for her students.  I have enjoyed other classes, but her classes keep me connected and grounded every time.  She is truly one of a kind".

Wasine, Connnecticut

"I have taken this amazing Kemetic class both in person and virtually.  Nicole is nothing short of professional and very well informed.  Her calm and soothing direction helps you get into the teachings very easily and before you know it your mind, body and spirit is incapsulated by the energy of the class.  You leave Divinely Made's class with your mind and body feeling refreshed and renewed.  I will continue to receive instructions from this beautiful Yogi for future sessions. I encourage others to do the same".

Sandra, Connecticut

"Let me tell you how I just leveled up.  This was an amazing experience.  I took 7 sessions of Kemetic Yoga and I am still enamored with the breadth of knowledge and technique I was able to witness and practice myself.  I came in with a thirst for Kemetic knowledge and that thirst was fulfilled and quenched.  Not only did I learn multiple Kemetic flows, I also learned the knowledge and wisdom behind them.  Now it's up to me to put in the practical application.  This series of lessons was great. Get you some"!

Roderick, North Carolina

"Growing up I was always into dance, running and fitness.  Nicole has helped me to gain flexibility and has helped me with breath control.  I am looking forward to learning more in the Kemetic experience".

Gillian, Connecticut

"I was struggling with high anxiety during the pandemic.  The Kemetic yoga techniques I've learned has helped me clear my mind, relax my body and find a sense of peace".

Joseph, North Carolina

"Yoga has been a safe haven for me allowing me to make time for myself.  One day I entered Nicole's class with back pain.  I left her class feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and with a significant decrease in back pain".

Ingrid, Connecticut

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